Friday, May 8, 2009

Surviving and thriving

Well, since getting laid off in April I've retooled my resume, realized not only have I not put together a resume in a very long time, but I haven't had a real interview in over 10 years. Through alot of Silicon Valley networking I've just sorta fell into jobs, the last two I was at over 5 years each. Out here in Nashville...I don't know anyone!!!!

Anyway, I signed up with a company that helps you with your resume and they helped me come up with something brilliant.

Above that and posting it on a few job sites, I haven't been as dilligent as I should be in finding a job. I've been doing alot of Peter Gibbons from Office Space stuff. Well...I haven't really being doing "nothing"...I've watched old movies I've always wanted to see, I get to the gym every day, Roy and I do alot of site seeing, I've taken myself to a couple of movies, I've unpacked alot more stuff, orgnized closets, started looking at homes for sale, taken afternoon naps in the pouring rain.

However fun that all sounds, I really am ready to get back into an office. I like working with people. I like the structure of having an office to go to and a daily agenda.

I had a phone interview yesterday with a large insurance company. I'm reluctant for some reason to say the name...I guess I just don't want to jinx anything. The job description seems to be taken right from my resume, that's how perfect the job is for me. I'd be working with about 5 attorneys and 5 or 6 other paralegals. Corporate stuff. So, after the phone interview, the interviewer emailed me with a schedule to interview with three of the attorneys. 45 minutes each.

So....going from no interviews in 10 years to nearly 3 hours of interviews with attorneys. Fun. Make that "fun". So I'm reading everything I can get my hands on about good interviewing tips, and how to answer the dreaded "What do you believe to be your weaknesses".

Here's me today. Giving myself a facial. Going to get my brows waxed today. I don't care how this makes me sound, it's nice to go get my nails done or my eyebrows waxed and the girls there speak English and we can understand each other. No Tower of Babel misunderstandings. And when it comes to a lady's eyebrows, that's important.
Andrew is doing extremely well. He's counting to 30, counting to 20 in spanish, knows his colors in english and spanish, and just has so much fun splashing in the puddles with his new boots. We had a little scare there with the whole stupid swine flu thing. There were a few confirmed cases of swine flu in the area. One, a sibling of a little kid in Andrew's school. Anyway, Andrew comes home with 101 fever, throwing up, diareah, cough and runny nose. 4 hours later in the Emergency room and no flu at all. Just a cold. Thank GOD!!!!!!!!

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