Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jump and the net will find you

I was reading through my blog and came across this a few posts ago:

"Somehow, I just know this is all part of God's plan and something big and wonderful is coming. What it is, I don't know but I do know that it's easy to have Faith and praise God when times are good. But when times are bad, and Faith is challenged and beliefs are questioned, I'm holding firm. God is good and His graces upon us have been many. I'm going to jump and know the net will be there. Fasten your seatbelts. "

What it is...I found out. Late May I had an interview with Asurion. (They're the insurance folks for cell phones, PDAs, GPS, x-box, laptops, most electronic equipment you buy). Anyway, I've never had a more FUN interview. It was with three different attorneys and I laughed, I swore, I had ice cream, we talked about the job that was INVENTED for me and by the last interview, I asked her where my new desk was and spelled my last name for my business cards.

I found out I got the job and the next day they sent me this handsome leather portfolio with the company's name and my name embossed on the front and a pad of rich creamy paper inside. It had my signed offer letter and a welcome letter.

The job is awesome. COMPLETELY challenging. I'm handling the litigation and stock administration(we're a private company, so that aspect is a little new for me...I've only worked for public companies).

The benefits are amazing. The pay equates to about a $5k raise for me. The people I work with are totally cool. The week before I started, my boss was in DC, lobbying congress about some wireless legislation. Another attorney I work for, her husband is a councilman here in Nashville. They're all just really intelligent, witty women. Then there's Steve, our token male attorney (and token republican, lol). All of them very competent, very cool attorneys. There's another paralegal and an admin.

I have come home every night completely exhausted from the work, but I am in love. Is that weird? I'm in love with my work and my company. It's nice to work for a company that has's been so long since that's been the case, I've forgotten what that's like. LOL.

One of the things that really attracted me to Asurion is their "Compassion Forward" campaign. They HIGHLY encourage their employees to volunteer. As well, they have a program where you can donate money or PTO hours. About a month ago, a woman's daughter drowned in a lake. In TN, if you can't afford to bury someone, they are cremated. She appealed to the Compassion Forward commission and they paid the funeral costs. I think that is super cool and have already volunteered to be on the commission.

Anyway, enough gushing about my job. I'm just so happy. I knew there was something in store. God has graced me with many blessings.

One of them has not been this crappy laptop, I'll tell you that right now. For some reason, the keyboard sticks and I get alot of double letters.

I decided to wait till my first paycheck to get my netbook, so I'm getting it this weekend.

Rock on.

Oh....and my commute??? 20 minutes....on a bad morning.

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