Thursday, February 5, 2009

05 February 2009

Day one. I just got this wild bug up my butt to do this. Even if no one else reads it but me, it will be interesting to see what a year in my life looks like, day after day.

What's happening right now? Well, let's see.... We decided to pack everything up, leave the only home we've ever known (northern California) and drive out to Tennessee where my family lives.

We left 12 January and got here 17th January, driving through AZ, NM, TX, OK, LA, AL, MI to get here. The beginning of the trip, through Oklahoma, we follwed Route 66 and stopped off at alot of funky old towns and crazy souvineer shops and other odd roadside attractions.

We decided to stay with my parents until we found a place to rent. We'd rent for a year and then buy a house once Roy's mom's estate settles.

That was our plan.

Then of course, as always, just when "you" have a plan, you find out "Someone Else" has a plan and He sorta overrules any plans you may have.

God is definitely handing us a moment.

After a few days of abdominal pain that we just thought was muscle strain from lifting heavy boxes/furnature, we finally headed into the ER. A CT scan revealed that Roy has a very painful condition called Diverticulitis with abscess. Basically, the colon has become inflamed and infected. Normally one would be treated with some antibiotics and be fine. However, Roy has a pretty serious case of it, the doctor can't entirely rule out colon cancer since both symptoms mimic each other and he will require surgery to remove the infected part of the colon, and then they can biopsy it to test for cancer.

Welcome to Tennessee.

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