Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 February 2009

So by now we're learning why I put "(ish)" in the title. Yeah RIGHT I'm going to write on this every day? Hahhahahha muther effing HA!!!! But it will be close enough. It's not like my life is that exciting. But what will be cool is to track the cool and interesting, and even mundane stuff that happens in my life, accompany it with pictures and then a year from new look back and remember....

Anyway... Friday wasn't looking good. Doc said no noticeable change in the infection. However, by Saturday, doc began to reverse himself in that he knew Roy was going crazy in the hospital and felt that it would be good for Roy mentally to be out for a few days to be home with his family. As well, doc wanted him to build up some nutrition before the surgery since he's lost so much weight. This is, of course, pending that his daily blood tests do not show a big elevation in white blood cells. So far so good. So, Roy got out of the hospital on Sunday....which, coincidentally was Roy's mom's birthday. He says he's felt quite a kin-ship with his mother's spirit and understanding (a little bit) of what she went through the 13 or so weeks she was in the hospital. I believe this experience has brought him quite a bit closer to his spirituality and realizing that there is something more out there than atoms and molecules.

It's why I never pressured Roy into going to church with me. God revealed Himself in a way only I could understand at the moment I needed to understand Him. I believe God is working that way in Roy's life and there's no need for any pressure to come from me. He's on the Path....just a little further back is all.

.....and it's not like I'm some God freak. I just realized a few years ago that not having God in my life is a little like being a two-legged tripod. I don't go to church every sunday, nor do I feel the need to bash anyone over the head to join my church. My relationship with God is just that. Mine. If you want what I've got, you can ask me, otherwise, I believe everyone is on a path that is a personal choice, and while it is a Christian tenet to testify and bring others to the Lord, but if there's any "failing" in Christianity, it's not in the Message, nor even the Messenger, it's in His followers. Man has done enough damage to Christianity to last a life time. I believe now is the time for Christians to tread lightly. To let their lives, their actions and their attitudes be their testimony. To lead by example. To, as the bible says, stop worying about the splinter in their neighbor's eye and take care of the log in their own.


so anyway, Roy has another Dr. apt tomorrow and there'll be another CT Scan to see what's happening with the infection. Barring any wackiness, surgery is sometime early next week.

Rock on my baybeeeeees.

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