Friday, February 6, 2009

06 February 2009

Not a great day. Roy isn't able to come home. The doctor said that there has been no noticeable change in the level of infection. NONE? He's had three very strong antibiotics given intravaneously for five days and they didn't have any inpact on the infection???? His Dr wants to operate this weekend to remove the infected part of the colon, and since there is such a large portion of the colon infected, they aren't able to do the laproscoptic type. They need to make a large inscision and go in manually. 7 -10 day recovery. He's already chewing his paw off trying to get out of there.

Part of this Project365 thing that I was reading about, you are supposed to take a picture of yourself every day, so you can see how you've changed.

If you think I look absolutely are absolutely right. Here's me at about 11pm tonight. Up at 6 am (after tossing and turning all night) Andrew off to day care, at the hospital with Roy from 9 - 2:30. Talk with doctors, go with him for CT Scan and somewhere in there put about 4 hours of work in. Over to daycare to pick Andrew up, home around 3, chase after andrew and play with him, try and give him some sense of "normalcy". Do about 400 loads of week-long neglected laundry, visit with neighbors, try to act normal, like I'm not worried sick out of my head. Dinner w/ family and then back to hospital to try and convince Roy he doesn't have cancer, even if I'm not sure myself, back home, finish Andrew's bath, Lord's Prayer, decide not to take a shower till the morning, even though I haven't had a shower since Wednesday. Yep, that was my day.

Here's Roy and Andrew today:

Andrew's handling it ok. He knows that Daddy is at the "ho-pee-tal" getting his tummy fixed by the doctors. Every once in a while he forgets and starts crying for daddy and it just breaks my heart. These two are best friends and neither one of them can stand being away from each other.

Tune in tomorrow....

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