Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dilaudid, deluded, deleted

First.....this blogging software already puts the date stamp at the top of the post, so it's lame that I title my posts with the date. Doi. (I'm bringing "Doi" back in '09!)

Anyway, title: Roy's on this pain killer called Dilaudid. It's stronger than Morphine, bubba, and that's pretty much how it makes you feel. Confused, tired....deleted. He's down for the count. However, he does manage to open his eyes a few minutes here and there and smile at me, so I know he knows I'm here and he's glad.

Hey....wanna see something gross?

Heh...sorta didn't give you a choice, did I?

Watched Obama talk about his stimulus package today. (Trying to stay in touch with the outside world). I can't understand why Republicans are more than happy to give billions to banks so they can run off and host fancy shin digs, but at soon as someone suggests help for the middle class they start throwing words around like "socialist". I'm just glad I'm getting an extra $15.00 on my paycheck. (LOL).

Andrew was a little angel this morning. He crawled into bed with me about 5am. I had the curtians wide open and the twilight was just starting. Neither one of us were very tired, so we had a little slumber party. He had his bottle, I had mine (I keep a bottle of water on the bedside table for when I get the thirsties). It broke my heart when he asked for the millionth time "Where's daddy??" But I just reiterated that daddy's in the hospitla and the doctor is fixing his tummer. He was satisfied with that answer. So we just played and whispered little love things to each other for about an hour before we finally got up and put some cartoons on.

Anyway, here's me today.

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